Plant Genetic Resources Working Group

Resaerch on plants

University of Minnesota plant scientists in multiple departments employ crop wild relatives, native plant populations, genebank collections, landraces, and other plant genetic resources for crop improvement and genetic research. The PGR Working Group comprises scientists from five different disciplines across two colleges, all of whom work with plant genetic resources. These scientists share a common goal of developing knowledge, tools, and approaches to make efficient use of plant genetic resources to improve crop adaptation to a changing global climate, including enhanced resistance to environmental stresses, pathogens, and pests. Plant species and research applications and approaches vary widely and include the development of novel cover crops and ornamentals, identification of genes for improving food crop adaptation and disease resistance, the study of plant evolutionary biology, and development of genomics and DNA marker resources. The PGR Working Group provides a platform for an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, research expertise, and student training resources, and the pursuit of community development opportunities.